Yadestiny Treasure Chest
Yadestiny Treasure Chest (YTC) is a nonprofit that aims at changing the dialogue around clothing donation. The mission of this organization is to help the children realize that clothes that have a past can also be worn with pride. YTC's programs educate children on how to sew and customize their clothing to fit their style and personal brand. ​​​​​​​
YTC was founded in 2010 by Karyne Tinord and after 10 years of service, growth and change, it required a brand redesign that better reflected its vision and audience. For the 10th anniversary, I was asked to re-brand the logo, design marketing material, posters and template official documents.  
The two themes I married were "journey" and "customizable fashion". Treasure maps use the compass to indicate directionality and the cross to represent a destination (Ya-Destiny). The dotted lines seen on the maps represent a journey but also resemble sewing patterns. 

These clothes are like treasure - they have a history, they have stories, they have a journey and a destination. More importantly, they mean something different to every person who finds them. 

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