Typographic Oppositions
Earlier this year, I approached Jason Richburg, who is currently the Strategy Director at GFDA and previously a professor of typography at Kent University's School of Design, to teach me the fundamentals of typography. "Typographic Oppositions" is an assignment from class that spanned 8 weeks. 
The objective of this assignment was to select characters that exhibit the qualities of a chosen opposition, arranged so that they demonstrate the chosen principle. I was asked to combine one opposition with one principle from the lists below and use characters from the supplied typefaces (Bodoni, Garamond, and Univers) to make visual representations of the pairing.
Oppositions:  Thick-Thin, Large-Small, Condensed-Expanded, Regular-Italic, Uppercase-Lowercase, Serif-Sans Serif, Soft- Hard, Positive-Negative
Principles: Repetition, Gradation, Anomaly, Radiation, Direction, Concentration, Space, Texture

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