Rise of Joni Mitchell in Popular Culture
This project was my first project for Lede taught by Jonathan Soma. It took me two weeks to complete it. 
My initiation into Joni Mitchell’s music was through Parenthood when Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman sing "The Circle Game" as their characters contemplate motherhood, growing up, and change. Ever since, I started noticing how more and more music directors started referring to Joni to accompany their characters in pivotal moments of heartbreak, reflection, love, and longing. In this project, I look at how Joni Mitchell’s music has been used over time in visual media to confirm my observation that there is a rise in Joni Mitchell’s popularity in pop culture.
Tools Used
To do this analysis, I scraped IMDB using Beautiful Soup and manually pulled from several other web sources to consolidate and categorize a list of soundtrack credits attributed to Joni Mitchell. Using Python Pandas, I calculated the moving average of the number of appearances across time to create a trend line. The graph was created on RawGraphs, exported as an SVG, and edited in Adobe Illustrator. The last graph was created on Tableau. I drew the header image on Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet.
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