Indisha Fine Arts Trust
What started as dance classes in a small room of an apartment, grew into a dance school and later, an arts trust based in Chennai, India with a greater mission to empower dance students to make meaningful contributions to their environment and community through art.
With its 10th year anniversary approaching, Indisha has ambitious plans to open a new studio, publish a community magazine, direct dance productions, organize awareness campaigns and so much more. Indisha wants celebrate a decade of service by looking ahead and moving forward with a new brand identity. 
Indu and Nideesh, the founding members/co-directors of Indisha, are dancers who observe and draw inspiration from the subtleties of nature. They described themselves as disparate personalities who find harmony through their contractions and contrasts. ​​​​​​​
In this mark, I allude to the Indian folk art form, Gond, that draws its themes from nature, celebrating the human symbiosis with the environment, with an aim to represent nature as a balancing act - much like Indu and Nidheesh do.

This Tamil letter is the first phonetic sound of "Indisha" (the "I") and 
it forms the overall shape of the logo.
The Yin and Yang symbolize unity and coexisting dualities.
Trees are a symbol of "legacy," with the ability to stand
the test of time.
Fish travel in multiples in water ecosystems and symbolize 
coordinated movement and collaborative change.

The peacock symbolizes dance, elegance, and Indian roots in terrestrial 
forms of nature.

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