I'm A Professional Too
"I'm a Professional Too" is a 5 part series that spans five months, co-hosted by CAREspaces and SNS Arts Consultancy. I created a series of illustrations and designs for marketing the program. 
There is a misconception in the Indian Arts community that formalizing workspaces can be detrimental to free flowing creativity. Each session in this series aims to correct that perception by showing how professionalism is the means to creativity unhindered by misunderstandings and discomfort. The illustrations combine symbols of accountability and Indian Arts as a way to see the two entities work together. 

Color and Type: The color and type were selected according to the CAREspaces color palette and typography selected and standardized by Ratipriya Suresh
#imaprofessionaltoo CAMPAIGN
For each session, we launched a social media campaign leading up to the live event and invited artists in our community to share what makes them a professional in a video. The posts for each session were in the color assigned to the event and followed the following template.  Follow the campaign on our Instagram page.

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