Chicago Transformation Collab

Experience design for a summit to bring alignment and coordination regarding criminal legal reform among community leaders and ongoing campaigns.
The Summit
Amid an unprecedented national reckoning around the criminal legal system, deep alignment and coordination among community leaders and ongoing campaigns were paramount to a truly healthy
future for Chicago. Zealous partnered with 15 communities in the Chicago area to organize a summit that will bring together select community leaders to build stronger collaborative visions in the
fight against fearmongering, carceral policies, and attempts to roll back modest reforms.
The design team of Zealous (Pallavi Daga, Sara Austin, and me) designed an immersive experience for this summit and festival participants. Directed by Pallavi, this effort involved conceptualizing a brand identity and system, designing physical and web-based collateral, illustrating elements for the brand, and modeling the experience. 
While I was heavily involved in all the aspects of designing this summit, I was responsible for creating the illustrations (line drawings, isometric maps, and sketches of people) and 3D modeling the blueprint. 
3D Modelling
The summit and the workshops were initially going to be held at Co-Prosperity. We had plans to create an immersive experience with walls dedicated to live-notetaking, whiteboarding, plastered with vinyl timelines and artwork by incarcerated youth, etc. To plan out this experience, I modeled the blueprint in 3D using Sketch Up. We didn't end up having the event in this hall through. 
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